Join Premier Services Credit Union

Joining PSCU is easy.

Membership Requirements: The members of this credit union shall be those persons who at the time of application (Once-a-Member; Always-a-Member):
  • Residents of Salt Lake County
  • Immediate family members of shareholders/members
    • Parents
    • Spouse
    • Surviving Spouse
    • Children
    • Siblings (Brothers & Sisters)

Employees and retirees of:

(All those in DWS N Admin Building, 140 E 300 S)

  • Utah Department of Workforce Services (DWS)
  • Utah Department of Human Services (DHRM)
  • Utah Department of Technology Services (DTS)

(Most all in Heber Wells Building, 160 E 300 S)

  • Utah Labor Commission
  • Utah Department of Commerce
  • Utah Attorney General¬ís Office (AG)

(In building at 324 S State Street, SLC, UT)

  • Utah Dept of Community & Economic Development

Also employees and retirees of:

  • Macys (Formerly Meier & Frank and ZCMI)
  • KUTV, Inc and subsidiary, Telescene (CH2)
  • Standard Examiner Newspaper
  • Creative Expressions
  • Sign Pro
  • Enman Construction Company, Inc.
  • Salon Francesca's
  • Employees of this Credit Union (PSCU)

And at Premier Services Credit Union, "Once a Member, Always a Member" means even if you retire or move away, you can retain your membership.

Joining is easy too. Simply download and complete the membership application and bring it to one of our offices.

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